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Arya-Shop Phone Repair Ede

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Ede, Elite Members, Telecommunications / Telekom, Vip Members,  Send an email >>
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Telefoonweg 73 6713 AND Help Websiteye git >>
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aryaSmartphone Repair

Arya Shop Ede repair your broken smartphone or tablet quickly and inexpensively. We give you clarity about the repair to be carried out and its price. You can schedule an appointment through our online calendar or you can come by our store.

Service & Warranty

* Quick Service
* Genuine parts
* Much experience
* Warranty on touch sensitivity
* Value for money

Opening Hours

Mandaag 10:00 up to 18:00 hour
Tuesday 10:00 up to 18:00 hour
Wednesday 10:00 up to 18:00 hour
Thursday 10:00 up to 18:00 hour
Friday 10:00 up to 21:00 hour
Saturday 10:00 up to 17:30 hour

We like to hear what you think of us. On- and / or comments? Select the appropriate option and send us an email via the contact form right. We then do our utmost to send an email or phone call directly.

Arya Shop Help
Address:Telefoonweg 73 6713 AND Help
Such:0318 785 788

Sector: @Sponsor, Ede, Elite Members, Telecommunications / Telekom, Vip Members
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