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BALKENENDE UYARMIS FOTO INTERAJANSHussein TORUNLAR / AMSTERDAM (İnterAjans) - Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands in March 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, It understood that the issue of intervention in Iraq warned.

In actuality broadcast program called Brandpunt Reporter, confidential information that was given in the notes to the period. Prime Minister Balkenende that the intervention in Iraq, he pointed to cause a civil war in the country has indicated. Jan Peter Balkenende'nin, The result of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was said to warn may be too heavy.

Isidor terrorist organization in the Netherlands in the development of programs to play a role, such as examining what, Balkenende's opinion that Blair two weeks before the intervention in Iraq and in the meeting "seriously considered on a possible post-Saddam period subject" that it should have stated that.

Isidor time before US President Obama, America's intervention in Iraq "unintended consequences," he said that.

The first Balkenende government, Amerika’nın “Post-Saddam” a good preparation period to make concerns the way of that message to Washington, describing that period my former Ambassador Boudewijn van Eenennaa, Holland said the United States remained silent on the British Prime Minister said he chose the path of talks with Blair.

The first Balkenende government gave political support to the US intervention in Iraq, but he refused to give military support.

Former Prime Minister Balkenende, It was learned that the report will not make a statement about the assertion.

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Author admin | 14 December 2015



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