Bomb attacks in preparation 12 terrorists were caught

MYRTLE'Bomb attack also stated that members of the terrorist organization PKK in the preparation and 3 women, 12 terrorists were caught. many were ready to burst, and fuze assembly in operation, Seized large amount of explosives by remote control.

Alınan bilgiye göre, the terrorist organization PKK to decipher the actions of the National Intelligence Agency and the Mersin Police Regional Offices make joint efforts to prevent teams, member of a terrorist organization based explosives training in rural areas of the Medina, In order to live bombs and assassination-style action has determined that false identity came to Mersin.

The follow-up results of Medina. caught the, Determined to act in cooperation with the female suspect suspicious D.T. A.T island. He was captured.

teams to expand operations, Medina aiding and abetting his alleged E. F, SADDLE, H.K, A.K. and also took into custody z.a.

bags they carry with them when they caught the suspects, tools and in search of the house was ready for a large number of detonators and detonation devices, cables, Seized large amount of explosives by remote control.

Bu arada, suspects came to the city of Sirnak and Siirt in rural areas, Mersin Police Department, Riot Branch, Regional Traffic Control Branch, Provincial Gendarmerie Command buildings, the citizens were busy Istiklal Caddesi Forces and their discovery has been detected in some shopping centers and the National Street.

Öte yandan, members of the PKK terrorist organization within the scope of operations to prevent similar attacks C. T., Ç.M, F.E, woman carrying a false ID suspect E.Ö. He was captured.

Gözaltına alınan 12 suspects from C. T.. ve E.Ö. The courthouse was shipped been removed by the court were arrested, diğer 10 The suspect in the Police Department continues operations.



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