Burcin Hair & Beauty

burcinThe following treatments are provided by the staff at the hair studio Burcin Hair & Beauty:
Relaxen van Black Hair
Outgrowth paints
Short and long hair dye
Hairlight folie
Coupe soleil for all its
Standing complete
Hair extensions (sewing)
Light up, with or without
Epilation / Resins for part or whole body
Make up
Cut Men
Men wash
Men paints
Children cut t / m 12 year
Head Massages

First of Swindenstraat 427
1093 GB Amsterdam
Make an appointment:
020 463 2144
Near Muiderpoortstation !
Opening Hours:
Monday 9:00-18:00
Tuesday 9:00-18:00
Wednesday 9:00-18:00
Thursday 9:00-21:00
Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-18:00
Sunday closed