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CUMHURBAŞKANI Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Esenboğa Airport Road spoke at the opening of autonomy where the car dealerships.

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, “give those currencies into gold to get money under the pillow, Convert the money to give TL. Turkish lira, You won the gold value " said.

Erdogan, Europe's largest automotive trade center in his speech at the opening of Autonomy, The Autonomy was built as one of the rarest works in Turkey, Ankara’ya, He wished to be beneficial to the country and nation.

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, about 200 car used increasingly often years, Previously victimized by luxury consumption, Once every level from the reach of human, He stressed that use can become a need.

-“We reserve cars quickly renewed”

Stating that the number of cars increases related issues started to grow, konuşmasını şöyle sürdürdü:

“the parking lot of the traffic accident, resulting in many areas ranging from the environment and security issues is to fight noise pollution, edilecek. Every blessing we carry out the struggle on the fact that it is a burden, will conduct. Today in our country 11 More than million including car 21 has close to a million motor vehicles. About one-fourth of the cars which are still in traffic 20 It is over the age of. So now is they are likely going to scrap. We reserve cars quickly renewed. We are breaking records every year new car sales. Likewise, though the 'second-hand’ He is being expressed, but I 'daily car’ sales to the, where the preparation of the open car sales area will be an important step indeed for them at this point.”

-“Aleppo, where there is in cubits”

Otonomi'nin, Erdogan stated that his wife was one of the rare investment, “In our country, we now began development, Examples will be. Cars also have a charm of their use will be a proof. Bunlardan birincisi, our citizens is rising income levels. So now richer as individuals in Turkey. Bugünkü Türkiye 14 Turkey is three times richer than the previous year, who what they say. Aleppo, where there is in cubits. In other words, the ability to acquire any citizen of our cars today are three times more likely than in the past. not only easy to get car, It is also easier to use this car” diye konuştu.

Erdogan, They came into office in 2002, Türkiye’de 6 thousand kilometers of divided highway that is, bunun üzerine 18 They added that they attract attention thousand kilometers of divided highway, Currently in Turkey, 24 He said that a thousand kilometers of divided highway.

In this case, the speed of the journey between the cities, Erdogan pointed out that increase the comfort and safety, şunları kaydetti:

“Praise, as in the example of our city Ankara 14 years ago, it was there Airport? I had a freak but after I had here was erected the modern airport. one-way, develop one. In some places there was only one entrance tekleş Ankara. If you are taking any of you going in the capital of Turkey in a different place? Such was understood. But now you come to understand that a capital. Praise we do this together as a nation. You trusted us, you believe, we have confidence in you, We believe and we work hard to deserve you. Made this. Ankara caught it, Praise he caught Istanbul. See all our current metropolitan. Niye 30 We made one metropolitan? Here therefore. 'We're Growing’ dedik, "We're growing’ dedik. So you see it go to Gaziantep, Praise. Git Trabzon’a, You see it in Samsun. You see it go to Izmir. Everywhere flourishes. Go to Manisa, You see it go to Denizli. Such Kayseri, Konya case.”

Erdogan expressed the arrival of all the transport sector, “This is a matter of love love. You do this if you have trouble, You do this if you love. If you do not say you can not do. But you dertlis, you have love, There are also a concern as one of a coup in this country. Here they set out to make coups, The folks over at my, the need to worry, Taking to the streets showed them. God bless this nation. You role model to the world. You prove it” said.

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Arif Nihat Asya, From Fatah poetry “You walk, Walk back to the nation. I bring you greetings from Hassan Ulubatlı. you get you in the language, You're mainly gönüld. Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered're old enough” Read strings.

-“Tangent pass”

Referring to the movement in currency Erdogan, “Remove the currency issue in recent days they know, 'Dollars were as follows, it happend like that’ whatever happens. I remind my people that, My beloved nation, you have love for God, give those currencies into gold to get money under the pillow, Convert the money to give TL. You won the Turkish lira value, You won the gold value. There is no need to, we will go, currency will gain value? Come do this. game of one as long as we take this step will deteriorate. Hiç endişe etmeyin, We broke this game in a short time. Before that they did, 2007-2008'They also do well. So what I said: 'Tangent pass.’ I still say the same thing, tangent to pass.”

Canakkale Bridge, Channel Istanbul reminiscent of project, education and health at this point until Erdogan, City hospitals will start opening this month, fast 30 The metropolitan said he would go door to door prevented the opening of the citizens of the city hospital.

-“no other choice but to reduce interest”

President Erdogan also addressed the issue of interest, “I say no other choice but to reduce interest. Again I say the same thing. We look at the world. Amerika’da, Japonya'da, highly interest in Europe? What if they so low in, why should we 14, 15, 16In the 'We roam. We will pave the way for lower interest rates to investors. High interest rates would revive the financial sector. I say this also for public banks” diye konuştu.

should not be forgotten that the struggle in a historic landmark, Stressing that it at least until the War of Independence importance Erdogan, “How we make choices after the War of Independence, Our preferred format today if our next period will also shape the next century a century” said.

-“Today, Turkey is the world's 20 in the economy”

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, “Cities are growing together with Turkey, Turkey of today's world 20 in the economy. Now the transport of energy in international markets, The importance of our country in many areas of health, agriculture continues to rise. not only grow, millions of innocent victims around us and we embrace our brother, We support” said.

Yıldırım, In his speech at the opening of Autonomy, The development of capital, will contribute to the development, The important work done more to stimulate the economy, he said.

regions, The Middle East's largest automotive and commercial centers of the services offered to one that emphasizes Lightning, “15 The night of July tanks, jets, the bomb, Ankara, the people who brave bullets to the chest shield, We are launching a service worthy of our countrymen. Hayırlı uğurlu olsun. who pioneered the national struggle, Cumhuriyetimizin, was a beautiful work of democracy befitting the capital” diye konuştu.

“551 There are shops, Each shop is a bakery door”

The emergence of this work, Of available land, Lightning is not easy to express in terms of ensuring financing of infrastructure work, “It's just taken, sold is not a place, Tens of thousands of people come every day has become a living space where you will spend time, the hotel, It was a beautiful facility with tremendous food and beverage centers” değerlendirmesinde bulundu.

Yıldırım, also on the cost of the facility “500 trillion spending made, infrastructure not included in the municipal infrastructure 15 He has spent a trillion, 551 There are shops, Each shop is a bakery door, business here, It will be those who have exceeded, It will contribute to the economy. everything they need to buy a car in the facility. At the same time 12 thousand vehicles will be able to see here, 5 thousand people will have jobs here” He gave the information.



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