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HaberUtrecht – Our city began to receive compensation for their labor successful football now. Holland was elected to the Turkish mixed 5 After our young players FC Den Bosch / RKC Waalwijk football team playing in Ertem Niyazi sergeant was called Karma.

Football Elinkwijk starting and then PSV Eindhoven in infrastructure 7 in the field of education our young players stepped in again after a short Elinkwijk profesyonllig experience and FC Den Bosch / RKC Waalwijk in the infrastructure of the club's football training takes two years.

B1 team play Ertem week 4 It is to practice. 175 boyunda ve 66 who managed kg weight9875c36d7f179627b1ba881cd4fdd8d7yl Our players will go to Turkey with Turkish Joint Netherlands in January. Two players can use the ayağını we can play in the midfield and forward line and draws attention to the çevikliklig.

Ertem who played two seasons at FC Den Bosch 20 match made 5 gol attı ve 20 assists made. Dutch Football Association KNVB our successful football club playing in the current Youth and Regional karmasında 1. Semi-Prof League and the agreements made case, professional agreement will probably do next season. 17 Ertem Niyazi-year-old sergeant and can play both offense and defense facing a versatile footballer.

Ertem Niyazi Bölükbaşı(FCDen Bosch/RKC Waalw’jk), Utku Jargalan areas(Hercules), Erdem Leg(Kampong), Serdar South(Hercules), Hilmi Yilmaz(Hercules) and Serkan Yaşar(Elinkwijk) including 6 Our young players will represent the Netherlands in Turkish Joint our Utrecht.

January Turkey (Antalya) players who will join the camp Utku Jargalan areas, And Ertem Niyazi sergeant virtue Leg.

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Author admin | 20 December 2015



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