Let's let this holiday come to my hearts!

Heralding the feast at the end from the very first day, Ramadan, which spreads all visible and invisible beauties on us and decorates them with hope, about to meet us again, with the sadness of knowing that we are the last one of us went away. After a peaceful month with the highest level of social solidarity and fraternity, we got a holiday. Feast of Ramadan; the fast of fasting held every day […] View full post on HABER.NL

1 comment on “İzin verelim bu bayram yüreklere gelsin!”

  1. Nevzat Dağlı

    Sayın Mücevver Ünüvar Konuksever, kültürel değerlerimizi anımsatan güzel yazınız bayram şekeri tadında olmuş. Beyninize, yüreğinize sağlık.

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