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Utrecht Gets A New Wedding Salon

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12316665_1620710468203505_4398535861423951113_nEurope is quite difficult to do, especially outside the city experienced a wedding hall wedding turns into a torment for the guests when in another city. It is known that too much to do in terms of alternative wedding hall in Utrecht, Considering that Turkish entrepreneurs with the idea that they need a new wedding hall, They open a wedding hall to meet the needs and having to go to other cities will do a wedding in Utrecht.

Earlier still used as a wedding hall (Arabian Nights Wedding Hall) Renewing building almost from scratch down, They make it a decent room in Utrecht. Perla Palace Wedding Hall which is currently under construction but the construction will be completed by the middle of this month or even the first wedding even made reservations case.

Perla Palace Wedding Hall on our discussions with operators in the hall told us the following; No alternative was more in terms of using this place as a wedding hall in Utrecht before the wedding hall was closed and re-opening we have decided to offer this service to Utrecht, the location is near the park Julianapark Vlampijpstraat 63, 3534 AR Utrecht (binbirgece old wedding hall) We've completely come to an end in the construction of our room we renew at, The main features of our room, private bridal room, stag tea / coffee lounge, children belonging to specially prepared playroom, cloth baby room renovation, Private parking spaces, disabled parking spaces, disabled toilets, smoking room of the ladies, private staircase into the hall prepared for the bride and groom, bride with the groom will be in that ladder, should our environment both said we are of the opinion that the problems with the sound in the hall as a result of the detection of, We especially would scrutinize the tissue in place to say about sound, We have to measure sound acoustics inside the hall and said by bringing Mühenna sound engineer to do in the individual sound systems have made, We take care of the sound insulation and acoustic panels, There are more on the subject, but some are a lot of innovation remains a surprise.

Meanwhile, on the side of the hall belongs to us here in two separate halls have more in the coming time to prepare 2 small hall will put more services.

Perla Palace Wedding Hall

Vlampijpstraat 63,
3534 AR Utrecht
Such: 06 52380345



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Author admin | 4 December 2015



Yorumlar kapali.