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HOLLANDA YASAKLIYOR FOTO AAHussein TORUNLAR / AMSTERDAM (İnterAjans-AA) – the scope of the fight against pollution in the Netherlands 1 From January to the ban on free plastic bags while shopping.

Infrastructure and Environment Ministry on the subject of the information sent to parliament, 1 January 2016 In legal regulation will enter into force the country to ban free plastic bags in shopping in general, those who want to announce it, but it may take a fee.

In this way the plastic bag to reduce the use and aim to avoid environmental pollution to the statement indicating, The ban will apply to all stores in question were recorded.

According to the regulations prepared by the Ministry, food safety and the use of plastic bags are allowed in cases that pose the necessity given,, businesses are able to sell at the same time fee. The bags can be made from materials other than plastic free.

The banning of plastic bags last year subject partner in the ruling Workers' Party (PvdA) MPs of Turkish origin, had moved to parliament's agenda by Jasmine Çegerek.

-Investing in the future and the economy

Çegerek who also attended the Climate Summit in Paris a while ago, The business community to invest in sustainable economy 7 billion euros as can be, saves, 80 thousand people had recorded an increase in employment can be brought. PvdA MP, Economic development with protection of the environment should be carried out with had pointed out that.

Assembly Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Environment and sustainable economy by environmentalists as a rapporteur appointed by the ruling partner PvdA (Labour Party) Jasmine deputy Çegerek, Netherlands 1 January 2016 Recalling the period from the date would be the EU President, energy in this six-month period, He further stated that given to innovation and recycling economy issues.


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Author admin | 20 December 2015



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