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The Grand Mosque was the first Friday Counsel and Fire Guided hair

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DSC_0496Upon completion of construction 20 annual longed been made recently of the end of the first Friday prayers yesterday for the first taravih prayer Religious Services Consultant Dr.. Mehmet Malkoç and Deventer Religious Services Attaché Mr. Dr.. Yusuf Acar was made with the participation.

Friday sermon Religious Services Consultant Dr.. Mehmet did Malkoç, The Friday sermon and the Friday prayer Deventer Religious Services Attaché Mr. Dr.. Yusuf Acar kıldırırk which both began by thanking and praying to this day who contributed to the construction of the mosque words, the original owner is said that the mosque community was begging to stay in the mosque congregation from God, it is particularly essential contribution of women in the mosque is said that their labor has great power for us in every mosque was said. Religious Services Consultant Dr.. Mehmet Malkoç mosque looked iron of years ago when I first saw the cat again if we worship bug finished this beautiful piece, The Netherlands, one of the most beautiful mosques of Muslims in Europe have seen as a symbol of the Great Mosque much we care, Until this day we always continued support will continue in the same manner thereafter, then youth organization, women's branches, The beauty of this place doing a lot of activities with children in a mosque in the need to increase, Holland's most beautiful mosque of mine would like to see here in terms of activity was the most beautiful activities in Utrecht. Deventer Religious Services Attaché Mr. Dr.. Yusuf Acar, Let There Be crude God showed us today, This mosque was built in the most beautiful corner of the Utrecht us, labor to this day I thank you very much to everyone, past management to date, God bless that work in the community, God also to those who died Gani Gani Rehmet eylesin, I ran out of the mosque here will make the development will be finished per ml had a flurry with the permission of Allah and we worship in, He concluded by saying that our mosques and holy again get no.

Approach 700 people attended the Friday sermons of the first Friday prayer Religious Services Consultant Dr.. When Mehmet Malkoç, Deventer Religious Services Attaché Mr. Dr.. Yusuf Acar kıldıran Friday prayers with the prayers ended Friday.

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The first Friday prayers in the Grand Mosque in Utrecht;

Religious Services Consultant and Description of Deventer Religious Services Attaché;

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Author admin | 28 June 2015



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